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As an Environmental Studies major, I proactively sought a transdisciplinary path aimed at forging a contextualized approach to architectural design.  Work at Elon University’s Loy Farm, research and development for Kobalt tools, and the design-build of micro dwellings serve as solid evidence of my pursuits.  Most of these endeavors were undertaken from positions of leadership. My work in the community has allowed me to become an effective team player and communicator; ancillary skills valuable in a multiplicity of settings. My strengths as a design-builder, aptitude for science and research, and a passion for community strengthening have prepared me well to pursue advanced design skills in new environments.

One of the most fruitful experiences in my development emerged from studying abroad in Costa Rica. During my time in Costa Rica, I studied Spanish, Ecotourism, Environmental Science, and Latin American History. The most influential and fruitful of these experiences came in living with a host family of native Costa Ricans that did not speak English. This full immersion into a completely foreign culture lead to my personal growth as an intellectual and global citizen, as I was challenged to adapt to a new culture and lifestyle. Taking courses in Spanish taught me how to adapt my learning and engagement to best befit my environment. My studies included traveling to all parts of the country, including the mountains of Monteverde, the famous and influential Port of Limón, and the cultural and political capital of San Jose.


These highlights of my experiences and proficiencies have led to my intellectual and social growth in a way that not only benefits myself but also the community and world around me.


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